Is 2021 the Year to Size-Up Your Home?

2020 impacted the needs of many in a variety of ways, and it’s okay to recognize that the home in which you currently live might not fit your lifestyle now. If you’ve turned a room in your home into a makeshift office or school space, you’re trying to exercise at home, or you are just spending more time in your own four walls than you ever expected to, you may be ready to move onto something bigger.

Over the last year, there was a home inventory drop of 22% and home price appreciation at 7.3% year over year so it has never been a better time to sell! Inventory has decreased and demand has increased, which has driven prices up. This is great news if you are a homeowner and you’re thinking about selling. Your home equity has likely risen as prices have increased and there’s a large pool of buyers searching for the perfect home. Read up on the Denver Market!

Hopefully, we’ll be able to go back to our gyms, send kids to school, and even, if we want, do our work in a real office. But the lesson of 2020 is that you need to be prepared if those things aren’t possible—and that means buyers are paying close attention to homes with plenty of space for work, school, exercise, and enjoying the fresh air.

Savvy home sellers will have to get their homes in shape for these new expectations. For example, these days, homes with a home office sell faster, and for more money, than homes without one.

2020 was a year for change. Many lifestyle adjustments and plenty of time at home. During that time, you may have started to think about how much your current home suits your needs, even if you thought at one point that the home you’re in could be your forever home.

If you can relate to all of the above and are weighing your options when it comes to selling and finding a bigger space, let’s chat today. Email me at

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