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7 Signs You’re Ready To Buy
Maybe the thought of having your own place has crossed your mind only recently, or maybe you’re regularly saving a chunk of your paycheck for that future down payment. READ MORE

Why You Should Do A Final Walkthrough
Final walkthroughs are not the same as home inspections – this is not the time for negotiations with the seller to do repairs or add contingencies. READ MORE

February 2021 Denver Market Update 

Why Low Inventory Is Good For Sellers
This is the perfect time to sell your home in Denver! There is high buyer activity and a historically low number of houses for sale right now. Find out how you can benefity as a homeowner in this type of market. READ MORE

Is 2021 the Year to Size-Up Your Home?
2020 impacted the needs of many in a variety of ways, and it’s okay to recognize that the home in which you currently live might not fit your lifestyle now. READ MORE

Protecting Your House After Snow
Who doesn’t love a snow day? Cuddling on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa while watching movies can make anyone not want to venture out into the cold. Next time you find yourself in this spot, it will be a good idea to head out for half an hour to protect your home… READ MORE 

Why Did My Credit Score Drop?
If you’ve seen a change in your credit score recently, you may be wondering why. There are a number of factors that contribute to a dropping credit score and it is important to know what may be causing that! READ ON

Boost The Mood Of Your Space
If you’re still working from home, you may be feeling down about your current space. While working from home can be fun, it is important to make sure your space keeps you motivated. READ MORE

October 2020 Market Trends

Need Space? Ditch Your Dining Room!
More and more, we see families on the go. Dinners have evolved and formal dining is becoming a way of the past – or is reserved just for special occasions.  READ MORE

Thinking About A Tiled Accent Wall?
As simplified, clean styles continue to be the face of home design, there is no surprise that adding a tiled accent wall can be enough to bring life to a room without cluttering it with unnecessary decor. READ MORE

May 2020 Market Trends 

Best Power Tools for DIYers
Now more than ever, DIY projects are everywhere you look. If you are just getting into the DIY world and are realizing some of the basic hand tools just aren’t cutting it anymore, it may be time to invest in some smaller power tools that work best for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. READ MORE


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